“11 Days on the Job”

“With great pleasure I’ll relay Traci’s comments regarding what Demitri brought to the table. She stated that there wouldn’t have been 3 deals without his assistance. Demetri hasn’t even gone through training and has been on board for just 11 days but is already contributing in a big way, answering questions, having great enthusiasm, and constantly closing.
I can’t wait to see what he can do in the region once he goes through training in a few weeks.

Demitri-Great job! Keep it up as I expect big things from you…and you are beginning to deliver…..”

– Adam Kroos


“Persuasive and Informative Without Being Pushy”

Demetri for being so new to laser dentistry, you were really great …..I really liked how you and I worked together….Adam, I seem to be lining up events out east and with the new reps, having Demetri there is a big bonus…… He is persuasive and informative without being pushy, I have two WCLI’s booked in January, one in Richmond with Traci on the 18th and one with Luke on 2‐1 in Rochester….Demetri does it make sense for you to be at both of those,,,,,Traci I know is great…..Luke is new….let me know what you guys think……Talk soon”

– Dr. Mark Stasiulis, DDS

“Quite Knowledgeable and Very Helpful”

“As your Biolase rep, Demetri Ballas is quite knowledgeable and very helpful in jump-starting the laser experience. After purchasing the Waterlase MD and EZ-Lase, Demetri continues to “be there” for his clients. He is always a phone call or an email away and he does respond to you in a quick manner. If he does not know the answer to a question or problem…he will turn to the “higher-ups” for guidance.”

– Joseph Lichter, DDS

“He is a Class Act”

I want to express my admiration and respect for Demetri and the job he is doing here. I know I have nowhere near the sales and business knowledge that you or the management of Biolase have. I have been around the block and have worked with a lot of reps both good and bad, but I got to tell you he is a class act. His attention to detail, his presence in front of a crowd and his respect for the docs is wonderful. I know that he is and will be very successful at Biolase. Schein has told me nothing but positive things about him and more and more docs on the Island have expressed delight in having him in our region.”

– Howard Golan, DDS

“Excellent Advice and Service”

“I just wanted to let you know that you provided excellent advice and service to myself and my office throughout our experience with my Waterlase MD Laser. Once again thank you very much for your caring and guidance as I transition the practice to provide Laser Dentistry. My practice has been expanding thanks in part to enhanced patient treatment with Lasers!”

– Steven Abrams, DMD

“This Man Has Helped Me and All That Use This Laser”

“This instrument has enhanced my experience as a clinician and significantly improved the quality of delivery in my practice. As for the support I have received from Demetri I cannot say enough about how this man has helped me and all that use this laser. He has been there to troubleshoot every problem I have had and enhanced the experience by assembling study clubs, workshops, and networks for us all to learn and grow by. Thank you for all you do.”

– Steven Abrams, DMD

“This Man Has Helped Me and All That Use This Laser”

“I wanted to take a moment and formally thank you for the impact you have had on our company. Besides always being a top performer and projecting a positive attitude, your unique ability to solve complex situations with creative solutions is astounding.

I know that I and your other colleagues across the country frequently seek your counsel when faced with difficult situations. Again this year at the Henry Schein Dental National Sales Meeting I had dozens of rep’s from your territory approach me at the Biolase booth to tell me that you are doing a great job and consistently exceed their expectations. This is the highest commendation that a manufacturer’s representative can receive from their distribution partners.

Demetri your strong work ethic and consuming desire to take care of our customers truly makes you an asset to our company and all of our stakeholders. I am proud to be on your team!”

– Ben Schulte


“This Man Has Helped Me and All That Use This Laser”

For example, just yesterday I removed a tooth which was broken off at the gumline, decayed below the bone and was previously treated with a root canal. I also crown lengthened the tooth next to it at the same time. Before the laser I would have referred out both procedures to an oral surgeon and/or periodontist. My periodontist charges $1275 for a lengthening and the oral surgeon about $600 for an extraction of that nature. I charged a conservative fee of $775 for both saving the patient over $1000, the discomfort of having these procedures done the old fashioned way which appears to be more traumatic and with more post operative discomfort than having it done by the Waterlase in my office not to mention the inconvenience of going to three different offices for separate procedures.

The periodontal laser treatments have been nothing short of miraculous. 7mm pockets in the posterior sextants measuring 2mm three months later have been common and are way beyond my expectations.

As far as doing any procedures I still use the settings and techniques YOU taught me during your in office training session with our office. The actual certification course was terrific taught by two very enthusiastic and knowledgeable laser dentists but I find myself following your guidelines whenever needed. I thank you in this regard and for the prompt response you have always given me whenever an occasional follow up to question arises.

Overall, at this point, I am pleased with my purchase of the Waterlase MD and happily surprised at the amount of support you as the original salesperson has given me in helping assimilate the laser into my practice.

– Dr. Gene Greco